Creamy Onion

Rich and savoury with the subtle sweet taste of onions, Swiss Bear Creamy Onion Sauce is seasoned with herbs and ready to use. A flavourful and versatile sauce that can be used across your menu on dishes such as wraps, salads and dips. Deliver uniqueness with less time, cost and wastages.

  • Ready to use and seasoned with herbs
  • Saves cost, time and reduced wastages
  • High menu versatility – can be used in salad, wraps, dips, mains (burgers and pizza topping)

Golden Sweet
Cheese Sauce

Be a trendsetter with Swiss Bear Golden Sweet Cheese Sauce! Just the right balance of sweet and savoury with a wonderfully creamy texture.

  • Upsell your menu with this unique and versatile sauce

  • Heat stable and ideal for both bakery and savoury applications. Use it on donuts, waffles, baked in pizzas and even in Roti Canai!

  • Beautiful golden colour, retained even after heating

  • Convenient ambient storage