Project Description

Cheesy Spicy Korean Burger

You’ll never eat a regular burger again

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Burger Sauce

Swiss Bear Spicy Korean BBQ Sauce 20 grams
Swiss Bear Nacho Cheese Sauce 15 grams
Swiss Bear Mayonnaise 10 grams

Chicken Burger

Burger Bun 1 piece
Ramly Chicken Patty 1 piece
Margarine/Planta 20 grams
Shredded Cabbage 15 grams
Sliced Cucumbers 10 grams
Sliced Tomatoes 10 grams
Sliced Onions 6 grams
Cut the burger bun in half, brush with margarine and toast until golden brown.
Melt remaining margarine into a pan and cook the patty for 5 minutes on each side.
Spread SWISS BEAR Mayonnaise on one burger bun, followed by the chicken patty and vegetable toppings.
Evenly drizzle SWISS BEAR Spicy Korean BBQ Sauce & Nacho Cheese Sauce over the burger, top it off with the other bun and serve.